Women of War – Another Infographic

Women have actually been allowed in “war” since 1898 in the Spanish-American war.  In fact, over 1400 women were in that specific war and many many more after it.  Here is a quick infographic about the Women of War.



WomenofwarClick the picture for a BIGGER picture.  Some stats:


A woman named Elizabeth Newcom poses as a man and enlists in the Mexican-American war. She marches 600 miles with her infantry before her identity is discovered and she’s discharged.


Women formally serve as nurses to wounded soldiers in the American civil war, though they do not have military status.


America creates the Army Nurse Corps, followed 8 years later by the Navy Nurse Corps.


The armed forces begin to utilize women in other administrative roles, such as switchboard operators and stenographers. Additionally, two women join the Coast Guard.


During World War II, the armed forces eventually enlists and utilizes women in nearly all jobs that aren’t combat or combat support.

June 12, 1948

President Truman signs The Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, granting women a permanent place in all branches of the military.

  • The act made the military one of the first employers to guarantee women equal pay to men in all jobs that women were allowed to hold.
  • Nevertheless, women were not allowed to hold a rank higher than lieutenant colonel, had to leave the military when they had kids, and couldn’t make up more than 2% of the overall military.

November 8, 1967

The government lifts a variety of restrictions on military women. Now women can be promoted beyond lieutenant colonel, and women can make up more than 2% of the military.


The first women receive promotion to brigadier general.

More equality advancements occur:

  • Women can apply for the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which helps fund college educations.
  • The military allows women to remain in service after having kids.
  • The military ends the draft for men to serve. As an All Volunteer Force, women now have more job opportunities.
  • Congress opens military academies (West Point, the Air Force Academy, etc.) to women, providing them access to some of the best college education in America.


The Air Force admits the first woman to its Test Pilot School.

The Marine Corps prohibits women from serving as embassy guards.


During America’s War in the Persian Gulf, women are allowed to fly in combat.


Congress authorizes Navy women to serve on combat duty ships.


The first woman is promoted to four-star general.

November 2009

The army’s Major General Anthony Cucolo announces that women in his command in Iraq who become pregnant there could face punishment. After witnessing public backlash to the statement, Cucolo retracts his policy.


Australia announces that military women can serve in any role, including combat. The U.S. is currently receiving pressure from media outlets to join other countries to allow women to serve in all combat positions.


St. Louis Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

Women’s Memorial

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation



Bad Ass Helmets!



Bad Assssss Helme


You ever watch a Military movie or play a game and they all seem to have these really bad all helmets, face masks or baclavas?  While this isn’t really a real world thing per se, they are still pretty awesome to look at.  Here are a few of my all-time favorite helmets!

helmet 2

helmet 3


helmet 6

helmet 5


I love them all pretty equally!  Which one do you like the best?

4 Of The Most Powerful Militaries In The World

When it comes to this list of the most powerful militaries in the world, there are a few factors set into place.  The first one is how many men the military has – obviously more manpower means more power.  The second is the amount of weapons they have available to them now.  The third is what capabilities they have as far as technology goes – just because a military doesn’t have a certain weapon now, doesn’t mean they can’t design one in the future.  The last factor is of course, the root of all evil, money.  People say money can’t buy happiness and while that may be true, it can buy a lot of weapons, a lot of warheads, a lot of ammo and a lot of smart people to create even more weapons.  So without further ado, here are your most powerful armies in the world – both on the battlefield and off.


1- United States:  Sort of obvious this one would be on the list.  The defense budget for the US army claims over 600 BILLION dollars.  You can see a previous infographic I posted on how the US military spends there money here:  Though the US military has had budget countless budget cuts, the US depends spends WAY more money than any other country around.  One of the biggest advantages the US military has over other militaries, is that they have a fleet of 19 carriers for aircraft while the others have around 12 carriers.  The US government also has the best weapons, the most cutting edge technology and will continue to in to future.  One of the newest additions is the Navy’s rail gun.  But, the US military also has one of the largest nuclear arsenal counts, than anyone else.


2- Mother Russia:  After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is starting to rebuild its military all over again and it’s growing in numbers by the day.  Since 2008, the Kremlin’s spending has increased by a third and in the next 3 years it’s expected to increase by 44%.  While the Russian budget is much lower than the US, it still stands at about 77 Billion dollars.  Russia has around 16,000 tanks – the largest in the world and to man these tanks, among other vehicles and weapons they have 766k frontline personnel as well as almost 3 million back up personnel.  The biggest difference between the US soldiers versus Russia, is that the US trains their soldiers for everything and anything – and does so with strict guidelines.  Russia however, doesn’t really train their soldiers very well, and have absolutely no guidelines on how they are trained.  It’s very disorganized.


3- China:  As one would expect, China is one of the most popular militaries in the world.  China is known for having a huge spending budget for their military – at around a 12.2% increase over the past year.  Of course this could just7 be because of who is in charge.  The Chinese budget is not even close to the US, but it’s better than Russia, at around 127 billion dollars.  It could of course be bigger, but that’s unofficial and could possibly be hidden for good reason.  The Chinese army has more men than you or I could possibly ever count, it’s a huge number standing at around 2.3 million actives and 2.5 million reserves.  It’s absolutely staggering!  The Chinese are also known for another thing:  Stealing sensitive information.  Recently they uncovered information about the new F35s.


4- UK:  maybe the United Kingdom was one you didn’t expect to see on this list, but you’ll see why it is on this list in a minute.  The United Kingdom is planning on raising the size of its Armed Forces personnel by at least 20% between 2010 to 2018.  Their budget is around 54 billion dollars.  Even though China has more men in their army and potentially more of a budget, the United Kingdom has a reach that is worldwide and could overtake other militaries like China.  The UK plans to take over shops like the Queen Elizabeth carrier in 2020 and is planned to carry the specialized F-35b fighters.  The Royal Army has the best training and the best equipment, which is why it could take over a monster like China.


Not sure why my video for the Corkscrew tank didn’t show up right.  Trying to figure that out now.  But, if you want, you can find it on YT by searching for Corkscrew Tank in the meantime.  Sorry about that!  I really wanted everyone to see this thing in action.  If I saw that coming towards me, I would probably pass out!

Crazy and Weird Military Weapons for the Battlefield Part 1

These days with movies, video games and TV shows, we get to see all sorts of weapons that are futuristic and amazing – some are real weapons, while some are fakes.  If you saw a game recently like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or watched a TV show like NCIS and thought “Nah that could never exist”, think again.  Below, are just a few examples of military weapons that the military developed for the battlefield.  These are some really strange and crazy weapons, but unlike the TV shows and video games, these are 100% real!  *Note, not all of these were developed for our US government, some of them are German, Russian, Japanese, etc.

Bat Bomb

The Bat bomb, which already has a really weird name, was created and developed by the US.  It was supposed to be used against the Japanese in WW2.  The Bat bomb, is just what the name says – a bomb of bats.  No seriously.  The bomb itself had a little area built inside of it for bats, around 40 of them, and each of these bats would be strapped to a small napalm bomb as well as a timer.  The bats could deploy using the bomb and a circuit board was put into play so that the bomb would give the bats enough time to fly out from inside the bomb and fly to nearby trees, farm houses and homes.  Ya know what comes next… The bombs that were attacked to the bats would then explode the napalm bomb which would burn down whatever they were standing on.  Crazy, but true.  Obviously, this was not something that really caught on nor is it something we could use these days because of the laws surrounding bats these days.  But, back then no one seemed to care if the military was blowing little bats to pieces – as long as it hurt the enemy too.

Anti-Tank Dogs

If you love dogs as much as I do, this one will probably make sigh in disgust.  During WW2 when the Nazi’s betrayed the Soviets, the Russians were the ones that were caught off guard.  To remedy the attempt of the Nazis trying to come into their territory, the Russians actually took bombs and strapped them to dogs.  The trained the dogs to where they would see a tank, and run under it.  When the dogs ran under the tanks, they blew them up.  It’s ingenious and yet completely screwed up at the same time.  Russian propaganda claims that around 300 tanks were blown up while doing this.  That means that around 300+ dogs were killed during this time – and probably a few more for testing.  If you think this is a barbaric thing to do, and must have ended sooner after it started, think again.  The Anti-Tank Dog program actually didn’t end til about 1996.

Nuclear Artillery

The word nuclear as we know it, has been seen on many shows (albeit fake) and is considered to be one of the worst catastrophes as far as weapons go, and the most dangerous.  Nuclear warheads can decimate whole cities, blowing anything away in its path, killing everything and everyone it touches.  But, surprisingly during the Cold War, someone thought it was a brilliant idea to create tactical weapons using nuclear bombs – these were much smaller nukes than what we are used to and they are launched from the ground, shot up into the air, and take out whatever targets they hit.

Corkscrew Tanks


While this isn’t technically a weapon, though it kind of is, the corkscrew tank IS a real thing believe it or not!  This was a crazy Russian experiment, and it went pretty good at first, until the Russians realized that this tank DID have many benefits, but one super disadvantage.  The benefits were that it could ultimately go through anything.  Didn’t matter if it was marsh, snow, mud, dirt, trees or whatever else – it literally screwed right through it.  The biggest disadvantage:  It was horrible on the road and even worse on powdery sand – it actually could just sink and sink some more.  Definitely not a good thing when in the throes of war on the battlefield!


Corkscrew Tank!


Big Dog


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and it’s a… wtf is that?!?!  Yea, this is really weird and the video sort of fascinates me – not because it’s cool, but because it’s creepy, like a giant roach or something.  Ill post a video below so you can see what I mean.  This Big Dog is being tested by American soldiers, but it’s said to be able to withstand almost any probable damage – some guy in the video, kicks it as hard as he can and the big dog catches itself and keeps itself from falling over.  It also climbs over bricks – very very slowly, it can hop, run, walk, go up steep snowy hillsides, go down muddy hillsides, etc.  But, it’s slow as hell!  Another big issue when it comes to the Big Dog is that it has this really annoying noise coming from it, like 100,000,000 bees stuck in a metal can.  Surely it could never be used or cannot be used now as a stealth weapon!

Military Contractors For Battlefield Supplies

Military Contractors, in general, have been around for as long as there have been a “military.”  If you’ve ever wondered where the military or its branches get its supplies, food, clothing, or transportation for the battlefield, it’s safe to assume they got it from a military contractor.  As with any branch, or for that matter, any individual, a military contractor lives by a certain code.  They sort of have to considering they provide certain services to the military – services in which they would need to be loyal, unbreakable and trustworthy.

While a lot of the codes a man or woman lives by when it comes to the military and being a contractor are put into place for smooth functioning of the service and products and to help ensure good communication between the military and contractor, other codes, rules or regulations a contractor lives by are his/her own.  There are also regulations and rules set up to ensure the products and services given to the military are not subpar, and are instead, in excellent shape/condition.

In the history of contracts, the longest running one is one for military rations.  In the days gone past, military personnel never had a chance nor time to grow their own food, or cook it.  Because of this, things like MRE’s were created.  Supposedly 99% of this stuff tastes like crap, but hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry!  The ability to supply hungry military men and women with very little preparation, has been an issue since before the Roman Empire.  Many of the farms and warehouses we know of today actually are contacted by the military to create meals and store them.  Even catering companies, which are primarily a service to consumers and business, sometimes are called on for dining and food services for our Military.


While food is just one spectrum of military contractors, software and technology for the battlefield is the other spectrum.  The US Military really relies on the latest in gadgets, weapons, accessories and technology.  They also need people to create these things, maintain them, design them, manufacture them, etc.  In part, some of these people are military service men and women themselves, but there are also people who do these services and they are actually regular old citizens like you and me – these are military contractors.  You might not realize it, but it takes a lot of technological expertise, software development and programmers to do all sorts of things when it comes to the military.

In fact, even something as simple as running a tank, takes programmers.  The issue with something like this, is that while it may take a lot of programmers to do the project, after the project is finished and hopefully successful, they no longer need the programmers until another job comes up.  Because of this, it’s easier and costs less money to hire military contractors, than to keep them on the pay roll 24/7.  Many times of products, services and vehicles are created, developed and even manufactured by military contractors such as planes, jeeps, helicopters, tanks, software as well as weapons.  Military contractors seem to have pretty cool jobs, right?  Even cooler, they sometimes get to go out with our forces and test new equipment, weapons, accessories, etc. before they are used on the actual battlefield.

Tank 3